Single-Point Diamond Tools

Single Point tools are available in stock from 1/5 to 1 carat in either a J or M type shank. All other Single Point tools listed below can be ordered in any of the diamond qualities listed. Tools with special shanks or with diamond sizes not listed will be quoted on request.

Single Point Diamond Qualities:

  • Finest Select: These diamonds have a minimum of four settable points that are free from cracks or surface imperfections.
  • Extra Fine Quality: These diamonds have a minimum of three settable points free of cracks.
  • Fine Quality: These diamonds may have a slight imperfection, but this will not affect the points which are set for use. They have a minimum of two settable points.
  • Medium Quality: These Diamonds have one good settable point. While many of these diamonds may be resettable once, a reset is not guaranteed.
  • Commercial Quality: These diamonds are not resettable; however the diamonds and all of the above may be re-lapped many times — at a lower cost than even resetting.


  • To obtain efficient performance of diamond tools, they should be reset or reset/re-lapped at frequent intervals.
  • After one point is worn, the diamond is removed and turned to expose a fresh point. The work is afforded the same care that is applied to the manufacture of new tools. The cost of reset can be quoted upon request.

1ct diamond tool

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