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How do you know if your order was received via email?

Orders are entered  regularly and a response will be provided as soon as possible. You can reach our team via crystalcuttool@gmail.com

Can you place an order over the phone? 

Yes, all customers can place orders over the phone by calling (734)-946-0099. We urge all of our new or current customers to feel free to call us at any time. Or if you are looking for something not shown on our site, we specialize in custom diamond tooling.

What is a normal order time?

Our tools are all made to order, be it custom or to print. Everything is made in-house, in our facility. From receipt of a purchase order to ship date, most products will leave within 3 weeks. We do our best to work around volume demands and holidays.

Do you re-work tools?

Yes, most certainly. We offer re-lapping and resetting services for a wide variety of diamond tools. Please note that resetting services do take additional time.

Can I get my order faster than ground shipping?

Yes. We offer several different expedited shipping options from UPS. Please request shipping specifications when placing your order. Please note that we are exclusive to UPS.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship internationally. Please include any specific customs requirements. 

Can you private label for resale, and what type of marking system do you use? 

Yes, we offer the ability to private label any of our tools per your needs. As for marking our products, we have several systems, but our latest addition allows us to laser mark and etch. Leaving a long-lasting rust-free mark on each part. 

What payment options do you accept ? 

We are able to accept Check, ACH and credit card payments. All credit card transactions are subject to a 4% transaction fee. 

Is your facility open to the public ? 

Due to health and safety concerns, we ask that all site visits be scheduled in advance with our office staff.

Material Safety Data Sheet: 

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